Sunday, February 05, 2012

Stylish Wooden Mirrored Jewellery Cabinet

I am so excited to finally receive my white wooden mirrored jewellery cabinet purchased from Catch Of The Day, this is so popular right now you can purchase them anywhere online. This will keep all your favourite pieces of jewellery and fashion accessories organised right in front of you. Made from wood with a luxury flock lined interior and padded shelves, it's designed to protect all your watches, bangles, rings and broaches while the hooks will allow you to keep your delicate necklaces safe and unscratched.
  • 144 hanging earring slots on backside of door, 12 necklace hooks, 3 shelves divided into 6 compartments and numerous ring slots;
  • Key lock for security;
  • Four adjustable tilting angles;
  • Overall height 153cm;
  • Built-in light.

I never realised how much jewellery I have till I organised all the pieces into this cabinet.

Amanda xo

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