Sunday, March 11, 2012

The House of Bijan

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend? Friday night I stayed home watching episode 3 of Khloe and Lamar. What caught my attention was Robert Kardashian wanting to start his own business by launching his sock collection (I'm sure everyone heard about it on his Twitter page and all over the internet). Out of all things SOCKS? I guess the Kardashian's can really open up anything right?  Especially starting with the letter K!

So he decided to walk into The House of Bijan designer for men clothing in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive for inspiration and fashion ideas. One of his closest friend Nick has inherited his father's company after he past away recently. Bijan is a super high-end suit manufacture for menswear and can only be entered by appointment only.

Bijan Front Shop


Collection - Menswear
Love the colors

The stores chandelier looks like it's made out of their fragrance signature bottle

Jewelry and Timepieces

Also check out their accessories and automobile, Roll-Royce and Bugatti

I do remember this store when I went to LA recently... My husband was so excited about this car parked on Rodeo Drive, to me it looked nice but I wasn't that interested. Outside the store they had a yellow Bugatti Special Edition! Now I'm so glad I took the photo.

I really hope Rob does well with his passion of sock business!

Amanda xo


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