Saturday, January 14, 2012

A cup of Tea?

These four simple words invoke a sense of calm, a release of tension, and an enormous collective sigh the world over.  It’s the universal language for taking a break and resting a while.  But it’s also rich in history, art, nostalgia and an amazing sense of ritual.

I love drinking tea, I have at least two cups a day. Not just your normal black tea, I am talking about white, red, green, jasmine and flavoured herbal infusion teas.  My pantry is full of Tea... am I nuts!?

I have found the special benefits of tea to help cleanse the system.

Which Tea?
  • Nettle tea is a diuretic, meaning it helps your body excrete water, so it will flush out your toxins more quickly.
  • Milk thistle tea contains silymarin which makes the liver less susceptible to toxin damage and increases its production of glutathione.
  • Red sorrel tea is a terrific liver and gall bladder cleanser, and a recent study has indicated that it decreases the blood triglyceride levels (high levels are associated with heart disease and diabetes).
  • Dandelion leaf tea has a diuretic action, while dandelion root coffee is an effective detox aid, stimulating the flow of bile so that more toxins are eliminated through the bowels.
  • Rooibos (or Red Bush) tea helps you to shed toxins through sweat, can relieve bloating and aid the digestive process. It also claimed to reduce the effects of ageing, keep skin, teeth and bones healthy, and it can aid sleep. 
  • Chamomile tea is calming, soporific and can help to relieve mild headaches.
  • Lemon balm helps with depression and anxiety.
  • Spearmint and peppermint tea both aid digestion.
  • Fennel tea stimulates the liver.
My Teapot Collection 

Some of my herbal tea collection I have at home in my pantry
 Inexpensive Tea found in your local supermarket,
my favourite Mint Lavender Tisane box

Over 180 teas to choose from!
Red Fancy Fruit is my Rooibos morning tea fix

 Anti Stress tea, definitely calms the nerves

White Ambrosia
fine white tea
One of my favourite relaxing tea - bought in Hawaii

The herbal teabags are absolutely fine, but once you have tried making your own brew from fresh leaves there will be no going back. A big handful of fresh mint leaves steeped in boiling water for 5 minutes make the most delicious mint tea.
What about Iced Tea?
Everyone loves enjoying a cup of tea, but have you ever thought to brew your hot tea and turn it into iced tea? There's nothing quite as refreshing as iced tea on a summer hot day.

I have followed a few simple steps on how to brew iced tea from T2 recipes, a couple of them is Strawberries & Cream but I have tried the Turkish Apple, it's so sweet and tasty you will loved it.


Amanda xo


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